Struggling to make your mortgage payments?

Mortgage support

Worried about missing a mortgage payment?

We know the increasing cost of living and rising interest rates are having an impact on some of our customers.

If you have a residential mortgage with us and you're up to date with your mortgage repayments, there are two options available which could help reduce your current mortgage repayments:

  • Switch to reduced payments no lower than interest only payments for up to 6 months. You'll have the option to revert to full capital and interest repayments at any time.
  • To extend your mortgage term to reduce your monthly payments. You can revert back to your original mortgage term within 6 months of changing the term.

You can only choose one of the above options, you won't need an affordability check and it won't affect your credit score.

If you would like to discuss either of these option, please complete our call back form.

What if my mortgage interest rate changes?

If your current mortgage rate is due to expire, you might be worried about how much your new mortgage payments could cost. 

Our mortgage rate change calculator can help you see how a change of interest rates could affect your monthly mortgage payments.

Support when you need it

If you have a mortgage with us and are struggling to cover the monthly payments, you may want to consider a temporary:

  • Mortgage payment break
  • Reduction in mortgage repayments

Another option could be to restructure your mortgage, reducing your monthly payments by extending the term of your mortgage.

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How to get in touch

Your call or visit will be more effective if you provide some important information such as:

  • your mortgage account number (it’s on your annual statement or mortgage paperwork we send you)
  • your income including any benefits you receive
  • your bills
  • other outgoings

You should be able to find most of this information on your bank statements.

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Lines are open Monday to Tuesday 9am - 5pm, Wednesday 10am - 5pm and Thursday to Friday 9am - 5pm (except public holidays). Calls may be recorded.


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