Money confidence starts here

Child and teen accounts

Everyday account for under 18s

Give your child money confidence early on with an everyday spending bank account.

Everyday account for under 18s

Good for: more financial independence with no parental controls.

Our Card Plus bank account for children and teens.

  • Tap to pay with contactless, Google or Apple Pay.
  • No fees or overdraft so you don't have to worry about debt.
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Saving and investing accounts for children

Whether you’re wanting to prepare a young child for the future or a teen aiming to learn more about money management, our First Saver account could help.

Instant access savings for under 16s

Good for: learning about money management.

Our First Saver account for children.

  • Account is held in trust: the account is opened in your name to save for your child. You can hold a First Saver account for your child up to 18 years.
  • Account held by child: the account is held by the child from ages 7-16 years. Children under the age of 11 can only make withdrawals in branch.
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Common questions

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