Manage your debit card

Freeze your debit card using our app or online banking

Think you've misplaced your debit card?

Can't find your debit card? Not sure if it's down the side of the sofa or if you've dropped it at the supermarket? 

With our mobile app or online banking you can freeze your debit card so it can't be used until you find it again. When you find your card you can remove the block.

How to freeze your debit card

You can freeze or unfreeze an active debit card via the mobile app or online banking. This instantly stops the debit card being used by anybody else, giving you time to search for it.

How to freeze your debit card

Using the mobile app

Within the mobile app, simply choose your account and select the `Manage my card & Apple Pay/Google Pay` option.

Using online banking

Within online banking, choose `Cards` and under Manage your debit card select `Freeze/Unfreeze card`.

Has your debit card been stolen?

Common questions about freezing your debit card