Making our services available to everyone

Banking My Way

Banking My Way is a free service that allows you to record information about the support or adjustments you need to make banking easier. You can also let us know any additional support you may need and we’ll make sure all of our colleagues are aware of this. The information will be shared on our internal systems and therefore you will not need to repeat these requirements every time you interact with us.

You can record this through online banking or with our colleagues in branches or telephony teams.

Making things a little easier

Our accessible debit card

We provide all our personal and premier customers with an accessible debit card. It’s been specially designed to be easier to use, especially if you have accessibility needs.

The card has several features:

  • A notch carved out of the side of the card, to help you work out which way round to insert your card into a cash machine or card reader.
  • A series of raised dots or lines, so you’ll know which card is your NatWest International card.
  • Telephone numbers on the back of the card are 50% larger to make reading easier.

Something else we can help you with?