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Alerts service

What are text alerts?

Text alerts help to give you more control over your money. Alerts are a way of giving you enhanced security, as you’ll quickly notice an unexpected transaction on one of your accounts.

We won't charge you for using our alerts service however your network operator may charge you for receiving or sending a text message.

We’ll never ask for your PIN or Password details by text.

Set-up or manage your alerts

You can set up and manage your text alerts through the following channels:

Mobile app

  • Log in on your NatWest International mobile app
  • Select the profile menu at the top right
  • Click on 'Settings'
  • Select 'Notification settings'
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Online banking

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Over the phone

If you have an eligible account (a sterling current or savings account), you can register or manage Alerts at your local branch or via Telephone banking.

To set Alerts up in branch you’ll need to bring your debit card and a form of photo identification with you i.e. current passport or current photo driving licence.

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