Ways to Bank

Text Alerts

The Alerts service is available on mobile phones registered with a Channel Islands, UK or Isle of Man mobile phone provider (07 mobile numbers). Currency conversion charge alerts are sent to 07 mobile numbers and international mobile numbers.

Easy banking, on the go, with text messages

Our range of Text Alerts allows you to stay up to date with your money and keep track of some changes on your account. This acts as a way of giving you enhanced security as you’ll notice if an unexpected transaction happens on one of your accounts.

Balance Alerts

Our upper/lower limit balance alerts help you to keep track of when your balance dips below a certain amount or when you receive a large payment. We’ll check your balance at 6am each day and aim to text you your balance at around 8am the same day or at 10am on the weekend.

Activity Alerts

Activity Alerts are text messages that let you know when specific activities take place on your account. They allow you to keep track of changes without a branch visit, a call or logging on to online banking.

It’s also a handy way to enhance security on your account as you’ll know if something happens on your account that you weren’t expecting.

We’ll send you an Activity Alert text message whenever you:

  • create or amend a payee (individual or company)
  • create or amend a standing order
  • update your address or telephone contact details
  • are issued with a new debit/cash card or PIN

Currency Conversion Charge Alerts

We send you a notification to alert you when you use your debit card to undertake purchases and cash withdrawals involving a currency exchange in a European Economic Area (EEA) currency (euro and non-euro). The aim of the SMS message is to give you greater transparency on foreign exchange charges for debit card transactions made in the European Economic Area. 

You will receive a cross border SMS message for only the first debit card transaction made in each EEA currency (euro and non-euro) per calendar month. For example, if you transact in Polish złoty and Hungarian forint in the same calendar month, you will receive a cross border SMS message for only the first transaction made in each currency. 

Manage your Alerts

You can set up and manage your text alerts through the following channels:

Mobile App

  • Log in on your NatWest International mobile app
  • Select the profile menu at the top right
  • Click on Notification centre
  • Click on Notification settings
  • Choose which account to amend the alerts on

Online Banking

  • Log in to Online Banking (Don’t use it? Sign up here today)
  • Click on ‘Alerts’ on the left-hand-side menu
  • Click on ‘Manage account alerts’

Over the phone

  • If you have an eligible account (a sterling current or savings account), you can register or manage Alerts at your local branch or via Telephone banking.
  • To set Alerts up in branch you’ll need to bring your debit card and a form of photo identification (e.g. current passport or current photo driving licence) with you.

Important Information

The Alerts service is free of charge, however your network operator may charge for receiving a text alert from us or for you sending a mobile text message to us.

Remember: we’ll never ask for your PIN or Password details by text or email.

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