Help and support

Using your debit card

What is a debit card?

A debit card is a cash-free way of making payments, with the money deducted directly from your current account. With your debit card you can:

  • withdraw money from a cash machine
  • pay for goods and services online, over the phone or in-store
  • make contactless payments securely for items up to £100

Think you've misplaced your debit card?

Can't find your debit card? With our mobile app or online banking you can freeze your debit card so it can't be used until you find it. When you find your card you can remove the block.

Using your debit card abroad

It's important to be aware of any fees associated with making purchases or withdrawing money from a cash machine when you are abroad. Use our debit card currency calculator to get an estimate of how much a purchase or cash withdrawal might cost.

To reduce the chance of your transactions being blocked, remember to register your travel plans with us before travelling.