Learning to start earning

Ways to start earning online as a teen

So much to do, so little cash. But don’t worry. There’s loads of ways you could start to earn money as a teenager.

Did you know?
Three-quarters (76%) of generation Z have a side hustle, more than any other generation. The most popular side hustle is selling clothes online.

Source: Side hustle statistics by Finder (2023)

Find your side hustle

Ideas for making money online

Selling second-hand clothes

Wardrobe overflowing? Grown out stuff? Sell it online and see how much you can make. Try Depop, Vinted or eBay.


Making jewellery

Turn those friendship bracelets into paper. If you can make enough items and market them well on social media, then this could be for you. Try Etsy, an online marketplace.


Social media content creator

Could you make TikToks for a local business? Or run their socials? Ask around and see who needs help. There could be good money in it.


Sign up to paid surveys

You could get a small payment for each survey you complete – usually up to £1. You could even do it while you’re watching Netflix. Check out Opinion Panel.


Become an influencer

If you have lots of followers? Like free stuff? Got unique takes on the world and life? This could be for you. This could be a great opportunity to get sponsored to do what you’re passionate about.


Livestream on Twitch

Love gaming? Enjoy livestreaming? Twitch streamers can earn money from donations, merchandise sales, brand deals, subscriptions, and Twitch bits. It takes time to build a following but could be lucrative.

Using your skillset and turning it into money

Washing cars

Grab a bucket and sponge and see who needs their car cleaning locally.



Done well in your exams? Ask your school if they’d advertise your services to parents in the year below.


Delivering papers

Read all about it. Could be the perfect before or after school gig.


Dog walking

You could earn money from walking someone’s dog. There are also apps and websites to partner up with.



Responsible? Sensible? Got young siblings you’ve already looked after? You could be a babysitter.


Working in a shop

If you’re 13 or older you could get a part time job. You can work a max of 12 hours per week during term time and 25 hours per week during the holidays.

Looking for a bank account?

You will need a bank account when your side hustle starts to make money. Check out our range of kids' and teens' accounts today.