Financial difficulties

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We would like to record your financial vulnerability on our records to ensure that you receive consistent service and support from all of our colleagues. This information will only be used for this purpose and will only be shared with other NatWest Group companies as necessary. Once you are no longer financially vulnerable, we will remove this from our records.

This arrangement does not affect any other terms and conditions of your loan account. It is important that you are aware that under this arrangement you are not paying your usual monthly repayments. This means that the balance of your loan account will not reduce during the agreed period of time in which all repayments are suspended and you will need to make up this shortfall in future. In addition, you will pay more interest on your total loan balance as you will not be making full contractual repayments on your account during this arrangement.

We may be obliged to report any shortfall in payments, including the arrangements agreed above, to Credit Reference Agencies. This may affect your ability to obtain credit from other lenders.

For further information on the impact you should speak with an independent debt advice agency who can give you support and advice.

Details of free money advice agencies (PDF, 29KB)

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