How do I pay my credit card using the mobile app?

How do I pay my credit card using the mobile app?

You can pay your credit card using the following instructions:

  1. Log in to your Mobile app
  2. Navigate to your credit card account
  3. Select 'Pay my card'
  4. Choose the NatWest International account you wish to pay the card from or Choose the option Pay with another UK bank account
  5. Choose your payment amount - either from a pre-defined amount or enter another
  6. Check and confirm the payment details
  7. If you have chosen "Pay with another UK bank account" option, you will be re-directed to a browser where you can select the bank you would like to pay from the list provided and follow on screen instructions

When you make a payment to your credit card, your balance should update after 15 minutes once you log back into the app, so it’s easier to keep track.

Please also note that if you miss a payment, we will send you a reminder on the day your payment is due.

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