What are my interest rates and bank charges?

What are my interest rates and bank charges?

Interest is the amount that you pay when you borrow money. It's expressed as a percentage rate over a period of time.

In some cases the bank charges agreed amounts for services such as stopping cheques or unauthorised overdrafts.

For more information on rates and charges please select the appropriate product below:

To view your pre-advice of interest and charges online:

  1. Log in to Online Banking at www.onlinebanking.natwestinternational.com (opens in a new window)
  2. Select 'Statements & transactions' from the main menu
  3. Select the option 'Pre-advice of interest & charges' in the 'Your statements' section
  4. Your available pre-advice of interest or pre-advice of charges documents for the highlighted account and given year in the time period dropdown will be shown on screen
  5. You can choose a different account if you have more than one and change the year using the time period dropdown
  6. Select the relevant pre-advice cycle link displayed on the page and it will download as a PDF file as per your browser settings

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