Multi-Factor Authentication

You are your strongest password

Let your face keep you safe

We use the latest technology to recognise the things that make your face unique, so we know it’s you in control of your money. Biometric approval gives you a handy alternative to your card reader and you can use it to authorise:

  • First time payments to someone new through the mobile app or online banking
  • Payments in the app over the £1,000 daily limit without needing to go to online banking
  • Changes to your payment limits and personal details in online banking

It makes managing your money simpler and helps stop fraud.

Set up biometric approval in just a few steps

It only takes a couple of minutes to register your face. You just need the NatWest International mobile app plus a forward-facing camera.

  1. 01

    Open the app and choose biometric approval from the settings menu, then tap Register now

  2. 02

    Next, take your photo

  3. 03

    Once we’ve got this, you’re all set up

  4. 04

    If you don’t have notifications on, we’ll ask you to turn them on. This will help when you get an approval request.

When we ask you to approve something later, you just look at the camera and blink to confirm #ItsReallyMe.

Voice recognition is coming soon

Your face is just one way of staying safe. Soon you’ll be able to use your voice - look out for an update on that.

Making online shopping more secure

To improve online payment security and help reduce fraud and scams, you’ll be asked to confirm it’s really you more often.

If we need to check it’s really you, we’ll ask you to open your app and confirm your identity with your Face ID, fingerprint or passcode. You’ll be able to see the details of the transaction and approve or decline it. 

Make it easier by turning on app notifications

With your notifications enabled, we can let you know straight away if you need to review a transaction. Then you can simply tap the notification to go straight to your app.

If you want to turn on push notifications for your app, just go to your phone’s notifications settings and look for the NatWest International app.

Common questions