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All you need to know about your new Debit Mastercard®

Your new Debit Mastercard

We’re switching our debit cards over from Visa to Mastercard. You'll be receiving a replacement card which will be made from 86% recycled plastic. 

Your account remains the same and your new card will work in the same way as your old one.

We'll be in touch closer to the time with when you can expect your new card to pop through the letterbox. Around this time, your old Visa card will stop working so please take a look at how to get started with your new Debit Mastercard

On this page you'll also find common questions and advice on how to avoid scams.

What you need to do

What features does my Debit Mastercard offer?

From controls to accessibility, your new Debit Mastercard has a few handy features.

Will my new debit card be accepted everywhere?

Your Debit Mastercard will be accepted locally and internationally almost anywhere. This includes card payments, either in store or online.

Whether you want to use it down your local pub, a restaurant in Venice or to pay for an adventure sailing off the coast of Hawaii.

Remember that there could be additional costs added when shopping or withdrawing money while using your debit card abroad.

Oh and don't forget about contactless. You can use your contactless card at home and away, wherever you see the contactless symbol. The maximum payment limits may vary when you’re abroad.

Common questions

How to protect yourself against scams

Swot up on scams

Knowing the most common scams and how to spot them is a great way to stay safe.

Check your transactions

Unsure about a payment? Check the retailer name to see if it's legitimate.

Check payment details

Check the payee you've entered versus details held by their bank with Confirmation of Payee.

Visit our Fraud & Security hub

Our hub is a handy resource to help you stay safe and secure when banking.

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