Spotting scams

ATM Fraud

What is ATM fraud?

Cash machine or ATM fraud is when fraudsters or criminals use cash machines to take your data or debit and credit card details to use for fraudulent transactions.

What are the criminals doing?

Skimming is when a criminal fits a small device in the card slot of the ATM. This little gadget captures the data from the magnetic strip on the back of a bank card. They will also conceal a camera to film the PIN number. The fraudster then puts the stolen bank card data onto the magnetic strip of another card, such as a mobile top up card, which is then used to make cash withdrawals, often overseas.

Card trapping occurs when a device fitted to the card slot stops your card being returned to you. Once you’ve left the machine, the fraudster removes the device and takes your card. 

Tips on how to spot ATM fraud

  • When using a cash machine, you may notice something suspicious or unusual about the cash machine such as signs that the machine has been tampered with
  • You may notice that someone is watching you while you use the cash machine
  •  You may notice someone trying to distract you as you enter your PIN

Steps to protect yourself

  1. 01

    Always carefully cover your PIN from hidden cameras or prying eyes whenever you use your card

  2. 02

    Do not keep a written record of your PIN

  3. 03

    Never tell anyone else your PIN or allow anyone to use your card

  4. 04

    Don’t choose a PIN that someone could easily guess, like your date of birth

  5. 05

    Store the 24-hour emergency contact number for all of your cards in your mobile phone or anywhere that’s easy to access

  6. 06

    If your card is not returned to you by an ATM after use, call your card issuer immediately – if possible whilst at, or near, the machine

  7. 07

    If you happen to notice anything unusual or suspicious about an ATM, do not use it and report it to the bank or cash machine operator

  8. 08

    Check your statements regularly – if you spot anything suspicious, report it to us straight away

  9. 09

    When using an ATM, make sure that look out for people close by who may be trying to distract you in order to steal your card or pin

How to report fraud

If you think you may have been victim of atm fraud then we're here to help. 

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