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Purchase Scams

Stay clued up when buying goods online

Keep an eye out for deals online that might be fake or not exist at all.  Here’s our top scam watch outs:

  • Criminals love using social media to promote a fake deal, so take the time to do some extra checks if you’re buying goods from a social media site.
  • If the price seems too good, it’s probably fake. Bargain prices are extra tempting but watch out for goods that have prices way below what you’d expect. They might be knock-offs, if they even exist.
  • Always pay with your debit or credit card.
  • Discount for a cash payment? If a seller asks you to send them money directly from your account - steer clear.
  • Got an unexpected delivery message? It’s easy to be caught out by criminals pretending to text or email about a delivery. If a message asks you to click on a link, never give out any personal info. Don’t open anything you didn’t sign up for as it could be dodgy.
  • Shop securely with face recognition. Biometric approval is available in our app and is the most secure way to prove it’s you. Use your face, fingerprint or a passcode to give an extra layer of security against criminals. Remember, don’t approve a payment you’ve not made or download any apps or software if you’re asked to do so out of the blue. 

If you think you have been targeted by criminals, contact us immediately using the number on the back of your card.

Protect yourself and others, visit our fraud and security centre to find out more.