Climate Zone

A carbon footprint. What’s that?

What is a carbon footprint?

What car you drive, clothes you wear and food you eat - it all leaves a footprint.

Our carbon footprint refers to the impact we leave on the environment as we go about daily life.

Each day we make choices. If we choose to take an action which emits greenhouse gases, this causes that impact

Understand your carbon footprint

You can work out your impact on the environment using a carbon footprint calculator. It’s a great way to understand how your actions effect our planet.

What can you do to help?

Once you understand your carbon footprint, you can think about what you could change to improve it. There are lots of changes, small or big, you could make to improve your carbon footprint and be kinder to our planet.

Ways to be kinder to the planet

At the shops

Shopping locally can have a positive impact as your food takes fewer steps to reach your plate. You could also try taking reusable bags to the shop to reduce your plastic waste.

Out and about

Walk instead of driving. Or catch the bus. Travelling greener isn't just about reducing how much we travel by plane, it's about small changes we can make day-to-day.

At home

There are many simple changes you can make at home to reduce the energy you use. Even small changes like hanging the washing on the line to dry can have a positive impact.