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Banking My Way Frequently Asked Questions

Banking My Way is a voluntary, opt-in, service that allows you as a customer to tell us about your requirements for reasonable adjustments to the service we offer. It could be because of a long-term illness that may affect your health, a visual or hearing impairment that impacts how you bank with us, or maybe a sudden change in circumstances.

The requirements can be both physical and non-physical and it is important that we know this information to allow us to offer any support that you need from us to make banking with us as easy and simple as possible.

What are the benefits of Banking My Way?

By knowing more about yourself, our colleagues will be able to offer a better support when you interact with us. By telling us once, the information will be available for our colleagues on our systems whether you choose to bank with us online, call us or pop into one of our branches.

You will have full control of what you share and can let us know how we can support you with your banking. If your circumstances change or you no longer wish to have that information recorded, you can change or remove it at any time.

Once information has been recorded it is then available to colleagues to ensure:

  • Colleagues are aware of how to provide additional support
  • You do not need to repeat any support requirements in every interaction with us
  • Colleagues have enough information to be able to adapt their service to suit the individual customer
  • Banking My Way also serves to promote the services we offer by proactively suggesting additional support that is linked to your situation


Where can I find the Banking My Way toolkit within Online Banking?

The Banking My Way toolkit will be found on the main online banking screen when you log in and select Your Details.

What information do I need to complete on Banking My Way?

About Me
You can tell us more information about any disabilities or vulnerabilities that you have In the 'About Me' section.


Support Me
You can let us know what additional support you may require from us in the Support Me section.

How often do I need to update my Banking My Way information?

You can update your Banking My Way information whenever you like. We will also send you an annual reminder to review the information to ensure that it is still accurate. This reminder will be shown in Online Banking, or a staff member will remind you when you contact us or visit one of our branches.

Do I need to complete all sections of the Banking My Way toolkit?

No, The Banking My Way service is optional so you do not need to tell us all the information. We see this service as a great support tool to ensure that our colleagues are aware of how best to support our customers.

If you do not wish to advise us of your situation (‘About Me’) then you can just select the ‘support me’ option and this will just display any support tools that are available.

What am I expected to do when recording details on the ‘Banking My Way’ on my Online Banking?

You'll be asked to complete a section within your Online Banking called ‘Your details’ section on the left hand side of the page which then leads to the ‘Banking My Way’ page. You will need to provide details on any disability/vulnerability within the (About Me section) and what additional support you may require from the bank within the (Support Me section).


The tool will tell you what we can provide to make banking as easy as possible within the (Explain to Me section). This will then be pulled through to our internal systems ensuring there is no need for you to repeat this information every time you contact us.

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