Business help

Free resources for your business

Start-up guide

How to start your business

Our guide to starting a business outlines what you should consider when starting a business. From choosing the right idea for your business, getting advice or obtaining funding, this guide will help you ask the right questions.

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Guide to managing finances

Keeping track of money

Our guide to managing finance covers financial targets, forecasting sales and what you can do to keep costs down. It highlights tips on managing cashflow and raising capital to get a better grounding on business finances.

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Marketing guide

Better understand marketing your business

Gain a better understanding of how to market your business through our in-depth guide; from managing a website, printing brochures, developing marketing plans and things to consider for an e-commerce site.

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Business management guide

Better understand general business management

Our guide to managing your business outlines the necessary sides to managing a business like insurance, computer systems, how to secure a premises and best practice for using business consultants.

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Switch your business account to us

Our switch service will move everything across from your old account to your new NatWest International account within 7 working days. All your direct debits and standing orders will be moved as part of the switch.

It’s completely free and is backed by an industry-wide guarantee.

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