Notice Deposit account

Get a return on your savings

About the Notice Deposit account

Benefit from higher returns on your savings without committing your money to a long term deposit.

  • Earn higher returns on your savings without locking them away for a long time
  • Earn interest daily and receive it on the last business day of each quarter
  • Funds placed on notice to withdraw will attract a different rate
  • Minimum deposit to open and maintain the account is 25,000 (per currency)
  • Maximum deposit per customer is £250 million (or currency equivalent) 

Notice Deposit interest rates

Rates effective from 7th November 2022 and are subject to variation.
Minimum deposit 25,000 (per currency). Interest is calculated daily and paid on the last business day of each quarter in March, June, September and December, or at account closure.


  • AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates the interest rates as if paid and compounded each year. It helps you to compare the effective rates of credit interest on different accounts.
  • Gross Rate means the interest rate you are paid before the deduction of tax. 
  • Notice Deposit Interest rate is the rate customers receive on their Notice Deposit during the life of the deposit.
  • p.a. is per annum (per year).
  • Step down rate is the rate received on withdrawal of funds.

How does a Notice Deposit work?

You can manage your Notice Deposit in branch, by telephone or in writing.

  • Please note that if you do not already maintain a Cash Management account, you'll need to open one when applying for a Notice Deposit.
  • The deposit operates on a notice basis; interest is paid at the applicable rate until a minimum 35, 60 or 90 days notice of withdrawal is instructed on the 35, 60 or 90 day Notice Deposit.
  • Once notice has been provided, the amount, to which the notice applies, is placed on a Fixed Term Deposit. The Fixed Term Deposit interest rate on this amount (the Step Down Rate) will be calculated using the prevailing Headline rate for 35 day Notice less a fixed margin of 0.20% known as the ‘the Step Down rate’, plus the prevailing Headline rate for the remainder of the 60 and 90 day Notice Deposit products.
  • Upon maturity of the Fixed Term Deposit the balance plus any earned interest will be credited to the Cash Management account from where it can be withdrawn.

Can the interest rate change?

Yes, the rate is variable; the Notice Deposit interest rate can increase or decrease. If rates go down, we’ll give you notice of the change as follows:

  • at least 35 days notice for a 35 Day Notice Deposit
  • at least 60 days notice for a 60 Day Notice Deposit
  • at least 90 days notice for a 90 Day Notice Deposit

If rates go up, we’ll give you notice either before the change happens or as soon as possible afterwards.

The Fixed Term Deposit interest rate remains the same for the term of the Notice Deposit.

Can I withdraw money?

Yes, subject to a minimum withdrawal notice period of:

  • 35 days notice for a 35 Day Notice Deposit
  • 60 days notice for a 60 Day Notice Deposit
  • 90 days notice for a 90 Day Notice Deposit

Early withdrawals are not permitted. The notice period is effective from the date of receipt of the instruction to withdraw. If we receive your instruction after 12pm or on a non business day, notice will commence on the next working day.

Is there a minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal amount?

  • There is a 25,000 (per currency) minimum deposit requirement to open and maintain a Notice Deposit account
  • There is a £250 million (or currency equivalent) maximum deposit per customer
  • The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is 25,000 (per currency) however this is not applicable to online transactions made through eQ

Ready to apply?

Before you apply, we've outlined the eligibility for the account below, along with our terms and conditions so you can make sure it's the right account for you.

You can apply for an account if you are:

  • aged 18+, and;
  • permanently resident in Jersey, Guernsey, Gibraltar or the Isle of Man, and;
  • your business is registered in Jersey, Guernsey, Gibraltar or the Isle of Man, and;
  • already hold a Cash Management account.

Please review our important information

Our important documents give all the detail you need about our account(s). If you carry on applying, it means you're happy with what's in these documents. Please take some time to review, print and/or save the important information. By proceeding with your application you also agree that you’ll receive your statements in a paperless format. We'll send you an email when your statements are ready to view in Online Banking.

Depositor Compensation Schemes

Under the scheme(s) customers are entitled to make only one claim per licensed entity regardless of the number of brands or trading names contained within that licensed entity and customers are entitled to make one claim only per licensed entity in the jurisdiction where the deposits are held.

As NatWest International brand is operated by RBS International it is not licensed in its own right a person with a deposit in NatWest International and a deposit in RBS International would thus only be entitled to make one claim.

How your information might be used

It's important for you to understand how we use and share your information. Please read this short summary before you continue with your application.

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Existing business customer?

If you're an existing business customer please contact your Relationship Manager on their dedicated telephone number.

Alternatively, call into your local branch where we can put you in touch with your Relationship Manager.

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