eQ online banking

Logging in to eQ using our mobile app

You asked, we delivered

In response to feedback from customers, you can now authenticate your eQ online banking log in using the eQ Mobile app.

To use this functionality, you'll require:

  • your eQ System Administrator to enable the relevant permission on your eQ user profile
  • to register your details on the eQ Mobile app using your smartcard and reader

Once registered, you can use the eQ Mobile app or your smartcard and reader to log in to eQ online banking.

How to log in using eQ Mobile app

To log in to eQ online banking using the eQ Mobile app:

  • Open eQ online banking and select 'Login via eQ Mobile app'
  • Accept the confirmation message
  • An identifier code will be displayed on the screen for 2 minutes
  • Open the eQ Mobile app
  • Select 'Check for log in requests' and choose 'Review now'
  • 3 identifier codes will be displayed by the app. Select the identifier code that matches the code displayed by eQ online banking.

If the identifier matches, you will be logged into eQ online banking.

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