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Current Account Switch Guide What is switching?

The Current Account Switch Service makes switching current accounts from one UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man bank or building society to another simple and stress-free.

The service is available to small businesses, charities and trusts and allows you to choose a switch date that suits you.

Our guide to the switch service
Our guide to the switch service

The Switch Service provides all of the following benefits:

All your payments (in and out) will be moved to your new account.

Any remaining credit balance in your old account will be transferred to your new account and your old account will automatically close.

If any payments are made accidentally to your old account after your switch date, they’ll be automatically redirected or forwarded to your new account indefinitely.

The switch process will be managed entirely by your new bank or building society and will be backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee.

Current Account Switch Guide What happens during the switch?

Step 1. Complete a Current Account Agreement Form so your new bank can set up your switch.

Step 2. Complete a Current Account Closure Instruction Form to authorise closure of your old account.

Step 3. Agree a switch date that is at least 7 working days after your new account has been set up.

Step 4. Relax as your new bank manages the switch (you will be contacted if there are any payments that cannot be transferred).

Step 5. Continue to use your old account until your switch date.

Common questions about switching your current account

How does the switch process work?

During your application, we just need your sort code, account number, as well as the debit card number of the account you want to switch to NatWest International. Once we have everything we need for the application, we offer the following guarantee:


  • All existing payments going out (like standing orders and direct debits) and those coming in (like your salary) are moved to your new account.
  • If your old account has an overdraft, we can move this across, subject to your individual circumstances. We’ll advise on whether this is possible before you progress with the switch application.
  • On the switch date, we’ll close your old account.
  • Any accidental payments to your old account made after the switch date will be redirected to the new account. We will also contact the sender on your behalf and make sure they have your new details.

Which accounts can I switch?

  • Before we start the switch process, we make sure that your account is eligible with the Current Account Switch Service - 99% of UK current accounts are eligible to use the service. We can still look after ineligible switches for you, but it will take a little longer.
  • You can switch one current account from another provider per application, as long as the account is solely in your name. You can switch other accounts once the new account has been opened. Joint accounts cannot be switched into a sole account.

What happens to my old account?

  • We will close your old account for you as part of the 7 day switching process.
  • We do this to ensure that any payments made to your old account are automatically redirected to your new one.
  • If your old account is overdrawn and the overdrawn balance isn’t settled by the day the switch completes, the account won’t close, but it will be inactive. If you are overdrawn, you will need to settle the balance with your previous bank.

Will I be able to use my old account during the switch?

  • Your old account will still be active and usable right up to and including Day 6. So, you can still pay with your card and use online banking and mobile banking.
  • Just remember not to set up any new payments on your old account, as we can’t transfer new payments across.

Can I cancel the switch?

  • If you want to cancel the switch, you need to let us know at least 7 working days before the final date of the switch.
  • After that, only certain elements can be cancelled depending how far through the process we are. If you choose to do this, we’ll still guide you through the process.

Can I switch my bank account with an overdraft?

  • We may be able to provide facilities to help you pay off any overdraft, subject to our normal lending criteria. If an arranged overdraft limit is agreed, this may not match that offered by your old bank. If this isn’t the case you must make separate arrangements to repay your old bank or building society what you owe.
  • You should also be aware that your bank may keep any future credits they receive to offset any debts owed to them.

I've allowed third parties access to my financial data. Will this be switched too?

No, you’ll need to cancel and re-authorise these with your new account details. You would need to contact the third party providers directly to discuss setting up payments with us. If you’re old account is still open, your bank will be able to tell you which third parties you’ve given permission to make payments on your behalf, and/or access your financial data.


Not all Third Party Providers services are supported by all banks and building societies, so there’s a chance that the Third Party Providers on your old account may not be able to access your new account. Please check our terms and conditions for more information about Third Party Providers.

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