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At NatWest International we have a deep understanding of the financial positions of international customers. Our experienced team of Mortgage Specialists will personally assess each proposal you submit on merit before it is presented for an underwriting decision.

We could help your international customers purchase or re-mortgage a property in England, Scotland or Wales, if they:

and are:

  • buying a property to live in or;
  • buying a property to let (maximum of 10 properties)

Key features

  • No UK income or UK credit history required.
  • First time buyers and first time landlords accepted.
  • Self employed individuals with a top tier globally recognised accountant or an accountant that is part of an international accountancy network, also accepted.

Your journey with us

Join our network

Everything you need to know about applying to join our Broker Panel

Customer eligibility

A guide to the criteria your customers must meet to broker a mortgage with us

Application process

What you'll need to send to us, including how to verify your customer's identity

Common questions

Mortgage rates and charges

NatWest International only accepts new applications for Buy to Live mortgages via regulated Mortgage Brokers/Independent Financial Advisers

How to apply online

To make life that little bit easier, we've rolled out an online portal to our panel of mortgage brokers.

If you've been informed that it's available to you, our secure Mortgage Broker Portal can be used to start and manage a new mortgage application.

Terms and Privacy Notice

The NatWest Group Intermediary Solutions Terms of Business and Privacy Notice applying to business conducted with mortgage intermediaries.

Talk to us

We've outlined the customer eligibility and residential requirements for the service below, along with our terms and conditions to make sure it's the right service for your customer.

Customer eligibility requirements

Our Mortgage Broker service is subject to customer application, status and acceptance by NatWest International. 

To apply your customer must;

  • be aged 18+,
  • be resident in one of our listed countries and
  • the property or home must meet our minimum property value and loan values, as outlined below

New customers

  • The minimum loan value that we offer is £100,000 subject to a minimum property value of £150,000 at purchase

Existing customer

  • The minimum loan value that we offer is £50,000 subject to a minimum property value of £150,000 at purchase

Buy To Let

  • Please note that our loan size ranges from £100,000 to £3.5 million
  • The maximum number of buy to let properties we can lend on is up to 10, including the property the customer currently wishes to buy

Residential requirements

Customers must be resident in one of the following countries:

Bahrain, Bermuda, Canada, China*, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India**, Kuwait, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Qatar, Singapore***, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America

Some of our mortgage products are available on a limited basis only, due to local regulatory and legal requirements. Things to note:

  • This country list is subject to change. Contact us to find out more.

* China - Expats living in China only

** India - Expats living in India only

*** Singapore - detailed information can be found here.

How your customer's information might be used

It's important for you and your customer to understand how we use and share their information. Please read this short summary before you continue with the application.

Get in touch with our dedicated broker team

Phone our Broker Team

Telephone: 01624 632444

Our lines are open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, excluding bank holidays.

Calls may be recorded.

Email us

If you have not spoken with us before then please email our dedicated broker team.

Mortgage Brokers who have been accepted onto our Broker Panel should contact their Mortgage Specialist on their direct email address.