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Fixed Term Deposit

Enjoy guaranteed fixed rates

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Fixed Term Deposit

Enjoy guaranteed fixed rates for larger sums

A Fixed Term Deposit account gives you the satisfaction of knowing the returns you get will never change - no matter what happens to interest rates. You can invest from one week up to two years.

Fixed Term Deposit

Features and Benefits

  • Fixed interest rates - a guaranteed return for the length of your deposit.
  • Flexible terms - we offer guaranteed rates of return, from one week to two years
  • Multi-currency - your account can include any combination of major currencies
  • Keep up to date - you can monitor the value of your account using the NatWest International i-banking service
  • No maximum balance - there are no upper limits on how much you can hold on deposit. The minimum balance is £25,000 or £50,000 for savings of less than one month.
  • Maturity options - when your savings mature we'll offer you a new interest rate

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