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What mortgage suits me?

Helping you to choose the best option

When you're choosing a mortgage, make sure you know what's most important to you.

Do you prefer to plan your budget years in advance or go with the up and downs in the Bank's base rate? Maybe you're looking to pay off your mortgage early, or borrow more money as time goes on.

Take a look at the options see which type of mortgage suits you best.

Fixed rate mortgage

Want to know exactly what your monthly mortgage repayments will be? A fixed rate mortgage is ideal. Budgeting is easy, because whatever happens to interest rates, your repayments stay the same during the deal period.

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Borrowing more

If you need additional money, you may be able to borrow more with your mortgage. You can borrow for home improvements or almost any other purpose and spread the repayments over the remaining term of your mortgage or repay the additional borrowing earlier.

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Buy-to-let mortgage

Thinking of becoming a landlord? Buy-to-let mortgages help you build up a portfolio of investment property and many lenders also offer buy-to-let remortgages.

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