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What is a statement?

Your statement is a record of the balance in a bank account and the amounts that have been paid into it and withdrawn from it, known as transactions. Your statement will show your balance at a given time and the money you have available to take out of the account.

You can view, search or download your latest statements, balance and transactions when you log into online banking or our mobile banking app. You can also receive you statement by post on a regular basis.

How to turn off paper statements?
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Debit card payments

When you buy something in a shop using your debit card, your ‘available funds’ are decreased by the amount you have spent but your “balance” won’t change and you won’t be able to see the transaction on your statement.

Retailers can take up to 4 days to claim the funds from your account. That is when your balance is reduced.


On your Account Summary mini-statement, the transaction will appear as “Debit Card Transaction”. You can also see more information with the tool tip when you hover your mouse over the transaction on your mini-statement.


On your full statement, the last four digits of your card number, the date of the transaction and the name of the retailer are shown. 

Incoming funds

Most salary payments are made automatically using “faster payments” and should appear instantly in your account.


If you pay in cash at a NatWest International branch, it is immediately reflected in your balance and available funds. If you used our counter service then you will see “Teller transaction” on your mini-statement (“CDM [sort code] date/time” if you use a branch deposit machine). The sort code of the branch you used will also be displayed in full online statements on the following business day.


If you pay in a cheque, it will appear in your balance on the following day but your available funds are not increased until the cheque is cleared. This usually takes 3 days.


Cheques can be returned unpaid, so you should allow at least four full working days before you use money from a cheque you've paid in. In some cases, because cheques may still come back unpaid after this time, it may take up to five working days for a cheque to clear and postal delays can extend this period further.


Please note that we are unable to accept:


  • deposits made to your account in non-Sterling cheques, international or domestic drafts or travellers cheque deposits from any issuer
  • Sterling/GBP cheques issued by a bank or building society branch based outside the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Gibraltar

Any deposits or credits of this nature that we receive will be returned. We do not issue international draft payments.

Online payments

If you make a one-off, online payment to another person or a company, your balance and available balance are usually updated instantly. Your payment will usually reach the recipient within 2 hours.


If the payment is made after 6:30pm, the payment will appear to be made on the following day but your balance and available balance are usually reduced immediately.


The payment will usually appear on your statement as “CALL REF.NO.XXXX” where XXXX is a unique number that identifies your online banking session. Once our systems complete their processing, usually overnight, a full description will be displayed on your statement as well as the original call reference number.

Regular payments such as standing orders and Direct Debits

When a standing order or Direct Debit is claimed from your account, your balance and available funds will be reduced by the amount of the claim. If your regular payment is due to be paid on a Monday, your balance and available funds are usually reduced by the amount of the transaction on the previous Saturday morning.


WIthin online banking or mobile banking, the transaction will appear as “Standing order” or “Direct debit” on your Account Summary mini-statement. More information is shown in your full statement within the service e.g. MUNDUS CLEANING, FP 26/06/12 30, 33041853145939000R.

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