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Online Banking is available to customers aged 11+ with a NatWest International account.  

Make the most of online banking

How to check your balance

Checking your balance using online banking couldn't be easier:

  • Simply login to see your latest balance and transactions on your Account Summary page
  • To view more information hover your mouse over your transactions
  • Click the 'View more transactions' option to view and search up to 7 years of transaction history.

How to find your statements

You can view or download up to 7 years of statement history in PDF format using online banking. To view your latest statement online follow the steps below:


  1. Select 'Statements' from the left hand menu of online banking and click on the 'View, save and print PDF statements (up to 7 years)' option.
  2. Choose an account from the list and click 'Next', then choose which date range you want to view.
  3. Click 'View statement'. Your full statement for that date range will be displayed. At the top of the statement, click on the 'Download Statement (PDF)' link.
  4. When prompted select 'Open'. Your statement will be downloaded and opened as a PDF file. You can now print or save the PDF file.


How to transfer money between your accounts

The 'Quick transfers' option in the bottom left of the screen is the fast and simple way to transfer funds between your accounts on online banking.

How to pay bills and send money

You can send money to friends and family or pay bills quickly and easily (remember - you'll need to order a card reader to set up new payments through online banking).


  1. To set up a new payment select 'Payments and transfers' from the left hand menu then click 'Make a payment or transfer'
  2. Select the account you want to make the payment from, and the payee you want to pay from the drop down lists
  3. Enter the amount and the date you want the money to leave your account, then select 'Next' and carefully check your payment details before clicking 'Confirm'
  4. Once you have clicked on 'Confirm' you will be shown a summary of your newly arranged payment.

How to manage direct debits and regular payments

Direct Debits
You can view or cancel direct debits using online banking, just click on the 'Payments and transfers' option in the left hand menu of online banking, then select 'Manage direct debits'.

Standing Orders
A standing order is when you tell us to pay a fixed amount to someone straight from your account at regular intervals. The money is taken from your account automatically on a fixed date and will show up on your statement.

To create new or manage existing standing orders, click on the 'Payments and transfers' option in the left hand menu of online banking, then select the option you need under the Standing orders section.


Learn more about...

Strong customer authentication
Smarter, stronger and safer ways to keep you protected online

We will ask you to confirm your identity more often when using online banking or when you buy something online with your card. It'll provide extra protection against fraud and scams by ensuring it's you who is using your details, and not someone pretending to be you.


When you log into online banking, we may occasionally send a One Time Passcode to your mobile phone to verify it’s really you. Alternatively you will have the option to use your card reader to generate the unique code.


Visit our Security Centre for more information.


Changing account names
Personalise the names of your accounts

  • Rename your online & mobile account names so they are easier for you to recognise
  • Changes to account names will show in your online banking and in the Mobile app.

Simply log in to online banking and select 'Your details' and then 'Change account names'.


Update your details
Keep your personal details up to date

Simply log in to online banking and select 'Your details'. Next select either:

  • Update your email address, or
  • Update mobile number

Using your card reader
Order, enable and make the most from your card-reader

What is a card-reader? 


A card reader is a security device needed by all customers looking to get the most out of their online banking.  It works with your online banking service to provide an extra layer of protection against online fraud. The card reader also allows you to set up new payments, change your details and more.


It's battery powered so there is no need to attach it to your computer. It works by simply reading the security chip on your debit card and generates a code which you type into your computer to authorise certain transactions and processes.


How do I order a card-reader?


How do I enable a card-reader?


How do I use a card-reader?

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