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Go paperless

Always have your documents at your fingertips

Why go paperless?

It's easy to go paperless and access your statements and other correspondence through online banking.  You can also choose to switch all or some of your eligible accounts to paperless, and you can switch back to paper at any time.

Access up to 7 years of statements history

Access your statements as soon as they're available

Search transactions quickly and easily

Receive email or text alerts

Help reduce paper waste


Online Banking paperless statement webpage

Going paperless is easy


  1. Log into online banking and click on the 'Paperless settings' option in the left hand menu
  2. Choose to switch your accounts to paperless statements, paperless correspondence or both
  3. Select 'Online' for each of your accounts that you want to switch to paperless

You can switch back to paper at any time should you need to.

Paperless correspondence

When you opt for paperless correspondence, we’ll send your mail digitally to your mailbox within online banking or the mobile app, rather than by post.

  • We’ll send you an alert to let you know when you have a new item of mail to view online (you can choose an email alert, SMS or both)
  • All mail you receive in your Mailbox is available in PDF format for you to view, download or print
  • We’ll store your correspondence for 2 years, you can save a copy off to your computer should you wish to keep it for longer
  • You can switch back to paper at any time

If you switch to paperless correspondence, we may occasionally still send selected important mail to you by post.

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