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Set up a savings goal

Start saving today

Thinking of the future?

If you're thinking about saving more, you can now set up a savings goal with Online Banking.

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Step 1

Choose the goal you are saving towards

New car? House Deposit? Dream holiday?

Whatever you're saving towards, get help reaching your goal with our savings goal tool.

Step 2

Calculate your ideal savings plan

To set up your savings goal:

  • Tell us how much you want to save and your target date
  • Choose a category and give your goal a personal name e.g. Spanish holiday
  • Calculate your ideal savings plan
  • See how much you'll save based on your plan
  • Try out different options to achieve your goal

When you're done, assign your goal to a savings account or open a new one. You can even share your savings goal if you have a joint savings account.

To keep things simple, only one savings goal can be assigned to one savings account.

Step 3

Track your progress

Whenever you log into Online Banking we'll show you if you're on track to reaching your savings goal.

You can take action if you're falling behind or change your plan if your circumstances have changed.

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