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Important security information

Online fraud is becoming more sophisticated

At the moment Rapport isn't compatible with screen readers. Although you can install it, the protection won't work properly as you'd have to turn off some of the key features. Please select 'No thanks' when prompted. No thanks.

We recommend Rapport - FREE security software that will protect you from this threat.

Over one million customers already have peace of mind after installing this software.

  • I’m already protected by a firewall and antivirus. Isn’t that enough?

    You do your bit with antivirus software and a firewall – they’re really important. However, criminals are getting more and more sophisticated – so even the best packages can’t detect all the latest attacks.

  • So I’m not adequately protected?

    A recent test of market-leading antivirus and anti-fraud software revealed that "more than half of active malware [malicious software] and phishing threats on the Internet go undetected, with an average detection rate of 29 percent for malware and 44 percent for phishing".
    Source: Cyveillance, August 2009.

  • Won’t it be a hassle?

    No. Rapport takes seconds to download and install. There’s no need to restart your computer. And it’s already set up to protect you when you use NatWest Online Banking.

Download Rapport today.