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Introducing our new First Saver Account

Making saving fun for kids

Making saving fun for kids

First Saver Account

We’d all like our children to be good with money and get into the savings habit from an early age. That’s why our new First Saver account is designed to help children save and Pigby and friends are here to make it fun along the way. Opening a savings account is a great first step for children to learn how to be responsible with money.

Our First Saver account is available to children under 16. Accounts can be opened on behalf of a child, or if they are aged over 7, the account can be held in the child’s name with the consent of their parent or guardian.

There are lots of benefits to becoming a First Saver (not forgetting Pigby, of course!):

  • Start saving from as little as 1
  • Instant access to your money
  • A free Pigbybank to help children start saving those pounds and pennies
  • Easy access to Pigby’s savings tips & tricks

First Saver rates

First Saver

Free Pigbybank to new First Saver customers

Open a First Saver account and your child will receive their very own free Pigbybank to help get them saving! Pigbybanks are strictly limited to one per account and are only available to new First Savers.

Pigby’s top savings tips

  • If your children have been given money, encourage them to save some of it
  • Explain that sometimes you have to wait before you can buy something you really want – that’s why saving is important
  • Explain the difference between things you want and things you need, this will help children have a specific goal to save for

Pigby & Friends are here. Come and join in the fun and learn to save at the village fair. Explore fun stalls and play exciting games, there's loads to do.

First Saver

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