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What is SIM swap?

SIM swap is a genuine service which allows you to keep your existing mobile number while changing to a different SIM size or phone providers.

It is also a technique which is becoming increasingly common amongst fraudsters as it allows them to use your mobile phone number to receive and make calls, receive and send text messages as well as use any mobile data allowance.

How could it affect you?

If a fraudster is in control of your phone number they are able to contact individuals at your cost or at least at a cost to your phone provider.

If you use online services which send activation or confirmation details to your mobile phone then a fraudster may use a SIM swap as a way to intercept these messages, which could result in financial loss.

What should you do?

A SIM swap will result in your mobile phone losing signal or becoming unable to make calls, send messages or use data. This can happen if there are wider issues impacting your phone provider, however if you lose service in a location that is normally good, it is worth considering why that might be.

If you have any concerns you should contact your phone provider immediately. If an unauthorised SIM swap has occurred, please contact the Bank immediately and we will suspend any services which uses your mobile number such as balance alerts, account activity alerts or mobile banking.

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