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NatWest IPB Quality
of Life Study

Global study of British expatriates'
opinion and attitudes to living abroad

NatWest IPB Quality of Life Report

Eighth Annual Quality of Life Study

The NatWest International Personal Banking Quality of Life Report is a global study of British expatriates’ opinion and attitudes to living abroad. The Report, now in its eighth year, examines attitudes to lifestyle, employment and financial status and is conducted in conjunction with the Centre of Future Studies among 2,400 British expats.

For the first time, Singapore has topped the rankings for British expats seeking a happier, healthier and wealthier life. Dave Isley, Head of NatWest International Personal Banking, comments:

Singapore is clearly a vibrant nation filled with lots of opportunities for career-focused expats. With improved health, and beautiful surroundings, who can blame ambitious Brits for choosing this sunny city state, which stands as a great example that you don’t have to choose between business and pleasure! While destinations such as Australia and Canada are still rated highly by retiree expats, more and more people are making the move abroad with their career in mind, leading to the popularity of countries such as Singapore.

NatWest IPB Quality of Life Report

Expats go east

In the last year, the Quality of Life Index saw Singapore sling itself from fourth place to top the polls. Meanwhile, traditional expat destinations such as Australia and Canada have been overtaken. This dramatic shift has come about due to an increase in the amount of ‘temporary expats’ seeking work across the globe. In 2008, when the Quality of Life Index began, expats were predominantly ‘lifers’ (67 per cent), who were more likely to move abroad in search of sun, sea and a fresh start. In 2015, these types of expats account for just 28 per cent while temporary expats account for 40 per cent.

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NatWest IPB Quality of Life Report

What British Expats have to say

Living abroad? NatWest IPB’s annual report assesses expats’ lives based on lifestyle indicators. Why not follow us on Twitter and share your expat experiences with us?

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NatWest IPB Quality of Life Report

Quality of Life Country Index

According to the 2,400 expats who took part in this year’s Quality of Life study, these are the top ten countries to live in as an expat. Select the numbers on the map to discover not so well known facts about these countries. Did you know for example that the entire lyrics of the Singaporean national anthem are printed in microtext on the back of the $1,000 note?