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Periodic review

Important information required to support the operation of your account

Why do you require this information?

We are required to periodically review our Customer information records and regularly re-verify core information, to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

This updated information is required for all customers, including existing customers where some of this information may have been previously provided. It includes information such as your organisation’s details and the names and addresses of people who have and are able to exercise significant control in your organisation.

Gathering this information and obtaining documents from you is a necessary requirement and a regulatory obligation for the Bank, which enables us to continue to provide you with banking facilities.

Common questions

How will the information be kept?

We have taken steps to ensure that the information you provide, whether electronic or paper, is stored securely. All information will be treated in accordance with existing Bank policies, in the strictest of confidence and will not be divulged or sold on to unauthorised 3rd parties.

I have received multiple requests to update my information. What should I do?

Please respond to each individual request separately as we require the information for each organisation you are involved with to ensure the continued operation of the account(s).

I’m unable to provide the information within the time allowed. What should I do?

If you are unable to complete this information in the time stated please call our dedicated helpline Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm:

Jersey: 01534 282006

Guernsey: 01481 708406

Isle of Man: 01624 637006

Gibraltar: 00350 200 14570

International: +44 1534 282006

or email us at

What if I do not wish to provide the information being requested?

This would mean the Bank is in breach of its regulatory requirements and may therefore lead to steps being taken to close, or restrict operation of your accounts. If you do not wish to comply with the data request, please advise us in writing with details of where surplus funds should be paid, and we will close your account. In the event of an overdrawn balance and/or loan facilities please contact your Relationship Manager to discuss repayment proposals.

What will happen if I do not supply this information?

It is a regulatory requirement for the Bank to ensure certain information we hold about our customers is up to date. Ultimately, if we are unable to validate your information, we will be in breach of these regulations and may have to close your account.

I no longer need or use my accounts? What should I do?

To close your account(s), please complete the Account Closure Form advising details of where surplus funds should be paid and we will close your account. In the event of an overdrawn balance and/or loan facilities please contact your Relationship Manager to discuss repayment proposals.