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IBM Rapport security software

From 31 January 2019 we will no longer be offering the IBM Trusteer Rapport

We will never ask you for your full PIN or password. If you are asked for this, it will be a scam and should be reported to us.

Important information

From 31 January 2019 we will no longer be offering the IBM Trusteer Rapport software.

Keeping our customers safe and secure is of paramount importance to us. We constantly update our systems and monitoring processes with layered security systems which help protect you, in addition to the personal security credentials you use for log in and payments. We also continue to keep you informed through our services and social media platforms on how to stay safe and protect yourself from falling victim to fraud and scams.

Following a review of our current service offering, we will no longer offer Trusteer Rapport software. Primarily, this is because the way you choose to bank with us has changed dramatically over the years since we first offered Rapport, with increasing use of our mobile app and tablet devices to access our services. As a result of this change, Rapport’s usage has reduced significantly.

We continue to invest in fraud prevention tools that aim to better detect fraudulent activity, with greater coverage of all of our services and enhanced protection in the background and therefore you will continue to be protected whilst banking with us on online banking and our mobile app.

If you currently have Rapport installed on your computer, please see below for guidance.

What will change?

We currently sponsor our customers’ use of Rapport, which gives protection when using our websites. Once we end that sponsorship, our webpages will be removed from Rapport's enhanced protection list. This means the Rapport icon in your browser will remain grey when you visit NatWest International webpages in the future. Rapport will remain on your machine and will continue to offer protection from malware against those pages you have manually added and any other companies using IBM Trusteer Rapport. Unless you bank with another provider who offers Rapport, we suggest you uninstall the product, as per guidance below;



How best should I protect myself online?

If you need any further guidance on how to protect yourself online after this change, please visit our Security Centre

Does this affect my rights/Terms and Conditions?

This change does not impact your rights or Terms & Conditions.

What happens if I am defrauded after removing Trusteer Rapport?

All fraud is reviewed on a case by case basis and customers will continue to be protected by our Secure Banking Promise

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