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Couple paying in cafe

Couple paying in cafe

Payment services

Help to manage your cash flow

Card processing

Increase your sales potential

Make it easier and safer for your customers to buy from you by accepting cards as payment using Streamline.

Streamline is one of Europe's leading face-to-face card payment services. It helps customers in every part of the high street, service companies and professionals, from start-ups to blue chips.

There are more than 165 million payment cards in UK alone and Streamline handles almost half of all UK transactions, reliably and confidently.

Key benefits include:

Widespread card acceptance

With Streamline, you'll be able to accept payments from all major credit, debit and charge cards.

Prompt payment

Payments are normally made within four days of the transaction.

Electronic processing

Funds are directed straight to your account reducing the need for bank visits.

Fast, efficient service

Tried and trusted technology provides an extremely fast authorisation service.

Cardholder preferred currency

Your customers can pay in their own currency and your business has a variety of currency settlement options.

Easy to use

Simple and easy to use, with a dedicated helpdesk open 365 days a year.

Tailor-made system

Our expertise means we can design a system for your precise needs.

Secure e-payments

Internet payment solutions that help grow your business

If you're interested in selling your products and services online but not sure where to start, we can help. Our online payment services give you everything you need to let your customer pay online - quickly, safely and securely with Worldpay.

Widespread card acceptance

With Worldpay, you'll be able to accept payments from all major credit, debit and charge cards.

Cardholder preferred currency

Your customers can pay in their own currency and your business has a variety of currency settlement options.

Secure service

Sophisticated encryption ensures secure processing of online transactions.

Enhanced customer base

Offering online payments attracts new customers and more impulse buyers as consumer habits change.

Cards are the preferred method of payment for online purchases. We make it easy for you to set up and run an online payment system - and the helpdesk is available around the clock if you need it.


Cheques are a paper based payment method often used for buying goods and services in retailers, for paying bills and as gifts. However, as customers have increasingly found other payment methods more efficient and effective, cheque usage has rapidly declined over the past 20 years resulting in fewer shops and retailers accepting cheques.

Cheque clearing
Need help understanding how long it takes for a cheque to clear? Have a look at our cheque clearing guide.

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand when you can withdraw money after a cheque has been paid into your account. The clearing guide below helps you calculate when your money begins to earn interest, when money can be withdrawn from the account and when you can be sure that the cheque has cleared.

For example:
If you pay a cheque into your account on a Monday, you can expect to earn interest (if the account pays interest on credit balances) two working days later on Wednesday (Transaction day +2). This is also the point at which this money will reduce the amount of your overdraft interest charged (if applicable). Funds can be withdrawn by day five, Friday (Transaction day +4). By the end of day seven, the second Tuesday (Transaction day +6) the money cannot be reclaimed after this time (i.e. as a result of a cheque being returned unpaid). Any unpaid cheques returned too late, i.e. after Transaction day +6, will not be debited to your account.

Receiving international payments

Easy and safe ways to receive customer payments

Electronic payments
When your business needs to receive funds from abroad, our electronic payments solution is a fast and secure option.

You get high levels of reliability and security, and you can:

 - Enhance your cash flow, as funds are received from abroad as quickly as possible
 - Eliminate the paper-work involved in handling paper-based payments

Funds will be credited to your account as soon as possible. This will be either on the value date or, if this is not possible, on the next best possible value date.

If the currency of the payment is different from the currency of your account, we will automatically convert sums of under £25,000 equivalent.

Your relationship manager or your local branch will tell you what information you will need and what the costs are.

Drafts & cheques
When electronic payments can't be used

Due to security concerns, we do not recommend paper-based payment methods however some of your trading partners may prefer these types of payments. Your Relationship Manager or your local branch will tell you what information you will need and what the costs are.


Please note that we are unable to accept:


  • deposits made to your account in non-Sterling cheques, international or domestic drafts or travellers cheque deposits from any issuer
  • Sterling/GBP cheques issued by a bank or building society branch based outside the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Gibraltar

Any deposits or credits of this nature that we receive will be returned. We do not issue international draft payments.

Streamline international
For multi-currency payments and settlements

Streamline International (from Worldpay) can provide you with a complete multi currency capability, enabling your business to process credit card transactions and make settlement in a multitude of currencies.

Key features & benefits:

  • Single agreement - covers all MasterCard and Visa credit card payments, eliminating the need for multiple agreements with local card acquirers
  • Fast payments - typically received within three days of transaction
  • Cardholder preferred currency - customers can pay in their own currency, you have a variety of currency settlement options
  • Management Information - available electronically, allowing you to collect information earlier
  • Dedicated helpdesk - available 365 days a year

For more information please speak to your relationship manager.


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