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How do I activate online banking?

Did you enter your Debit Card details during sign-up? You're probably already enjoying the benefits of online banking. Right now you can check your balances, recent transactions and statements in real-time. You can also transfer funds between your NatWest accounts.

If you would like to use online banking to its full potential, you'll need to order a card-reader. This is quick and easy to do.

Simply log in to online banking and select 'Change Settings' and then 'Order Card-Reader'. Once you have activated your Card-Reader you will be able to pay bills, manage standing orders and direct debits, make payments to friends and much more.

If you didn't receive instant access to your accounts, then you will have received a Customer Number and under separate cover an Activation Code in the post.

To activate the full version you need:

  • Your Customer Number - A 10-digit number, which includes your date of birth.
  • Your Activation Code - You'll receive this in the post shortly. Remember, it's valid for six weeks

Getting started with online banking is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Go to log in (link in the top right-hand corner our website)
  2. Enter your 10-digit Customer Number
  3. Tick the 'Activation' box

Then all you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions.

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What should I expect?

First of all you need a new password and PIN. You need them each time you log in so make them memorable, but not easy to guess. Try to use a different number to your Debit Card.

Your password must be between six and 20 characters and can contain both letters and numbers.

We will only ask for random characters from your password and PIN when you log in – this keeps you safer online.

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Lost your numbers?

If you lose your Activation Code - or it has expired - simply re-submit your details.

If you have lost or forgotten your Customer Number, again just simply re-submit your details.

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Problems logging in

Forgotten your details?

Everyone does it - accidentally pressing the wrong key when logging in. Don't worry - just give it another go, you get two attempts before being locked out.

Need a reminder?

  • Your Customer Number - You were given this when you signed up for online banking. It's your date of birth, followed by up to four digits. Can't remember it? Simply re-submit your details and you should be able to access the service straight away.
  • Your PIN - You chose this when you registered for online banking. Can't remember it? Simply re-submit your details and you should be able to access the service straight away. Once you receive them, simply set your new PIN online.
  • Your Password - This was set by you when you registered. It's between six and 20 characters and may contain both letters and numbers. If you can't remember it, just re-submit your details and you should be able to access the service straight away.

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