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Using your card securely

Everyday advice to keep your debit and credit cards safe

Ensure you sign your card on the signature panel as soon you receive it.

Keep your cards and details in a safe place and shred any paperwork when you don't need it. Never disclose or write down your full PIN or password.

Report lost or stolen cards to us immediately, even if your card has been retained by an ATM.

Beware of unexpected or suspicious phone calls, emails or text message asking for your bank card or account information. We will never contact you and ask for your full card, PIN or password details.

Keep your card in sight, especially when using it in bars and restaurants. When entering your PIN shield the keypad.

We will never ask to collect your card or PIN via courier.

Using your card online

Only enter your card details on secure websites which are identified by a padlock or key symbol, and a site address that starts with 'https'.

Download our free security software, Trusteer Rapport, which provides online transaction and identity theft protection when you are shopping or banking online.

Check your statements regularly and report any suspicious transactions.